Colors Within Us

Empowering Families – One Soul at a Time.

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Welcome to the Soul Empowerment Experience…

Did you know that you are an energy worker? Our thoughts, words, feelings and emotions are powerful. Here at Colors Within Us it is my intention to help you to live a life of mindfulness, and become more aware of your personal power. There is truly genius lying within every soul. As an Energy Practitioner I am here to assist you to recognize and release negative low vibration, thoughts, feelings, emotions and patterns that are holding you back; and empower you with tools that will connect  you to living a life that you love. Refresh your energy systems, and remove unnecessary roadblocks while replacing them with positive vibrations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, affirmations, patterns, and tools to experience more peace, love, gratitude and joy.                                    Discover the beautiful colors within as you create your own unique masterpiece from the inside out.

One Soul at a Time.