What our clients say

“I met with Stephanie to address and understand strong feelings of worry and fear. We met in a quiet, comfortable room. Even though I didn’t know exactly what to expect she guided me as we began our session. She kindly redirected me if I got on a tangent. She was thoughtful and listened while directing the session for the time allotted. I appreciate the time she took. I felt lifted and freed to change my thoughts and feelings. I felt empowered to redirect the purpose and energy of my life. I have recommended Stephanie to my family members and friends. I have recalled my experience frequently to remind me of those beliefs and truths I was given.”

Worry and Fear

“I came to Stephanie to deal with some issues in my past that I was having a hard time getting to the heart of…I know this work can be profound and powerful, and my session with Stephanie was just that. I was able to finally let go and release a huge burden of emotion and false beliefs that I had been carrying around with me daily. This has brought me a huge amount of peace in my life and in my relationships with my husband and children, but most of all in my relationship with myself. Stephanie truly gets this work and has a great gift.”

Profound and Powerful

“…I was taught ways to recognize and deal with very deeply buried feelings of hurt, betrayal and disappointment.  I think the most important thing I learned in this process was that change sometimes is not always made the way WE think it should.  In my personal experience I DID see a change!  …I am a different person.  My faith has grown and my fear of change has lessened. I am thankful and will continue to use it in my life.”

Deeply Buried Feelings USA

“My daughter who is 16 has struggled with anxiety and being overly stressed for many years. She will start worrying over the smallest things. She gets herself so worked up that she makes herself sick. She won’t ever allow herself to relax and just enjoy being a teenager. Everything has to be perfect and just right or she stresses over it. She is very involved with school, sports, church and anything she can make time for. As a mother I have seen her beat herself up emotionally if things aren’t’ going the right way. After trying to figure out how to help my daughter I decided to have Stephanie Maughan work with her. Even that stressed my daughter out not knowing what Stephanie was going to do. But soon after a couple of sessions my daughter has calmed down, relaxed and is even able to enjoy her life. She was at a sporting event and my dad turned to me and said, “I haven’t seen your daughter look and act so relax ever”. That is when I knew the time she has spent with Stephanie has truly helped her. I can tell when she starts to get uptight again and simple say it’s time to go visit Stephanie again. I am very happy to have something that can help my daughter calm down and just relax.”

“I haven’t seen your daughter look and act so relax ever”. Queen Creek, Arizona

“Recently my son and I each met with Stephanie for our Simply Healed appointments.  At first my son was a bit skeptical and I had to convince him to meet with her as a favor to me.  He had his appointment, and later that night he came up to me and said, “Mom, thanks for making me meet with Stephanie.  I actually feel better and happier now.  While she was working with me I could feel myself get lighter each time she would talk about things and do stuff.”  Then he gave me a big hug.  That was wonderful. I really appreciate Stephanie working with my son and I and the feeling of kindness and love she has shown both of us”


“Our family has experienced some major setbacks over the past couple years.  The biggest one, in my opinion has been generational alcoholism, which was dormant for several years, and recently triggered by our circumstances.   It has been amazing to learn more about our emotions, how we’ve been “conditioned” generationally, and ways that we can “let go, and let God”.   Each time I have met with Stephanie, I have come away with peace and hope in my heart.  Her positive outlook, yet understanding ears have been a lifeboat in turbulent waters.  If you are feeling lost, alone, or just a bit “out of balance”, I would encourage you to meet w/Stephanie.  In my experience, I have felt better emotionally and physically, like certain weights have been lifted.”

Weights Have Been Lifted Phoenix, Arizona

“Stephanie!  Thank you so much for this!! I must say our meeting had an impact on me.  I don’t say that lightly because it seems to happen so rarely as I get older :).  I am far from knowing everything, but I do get to be an adviser on many things, so when I am the recipient of an original thought or feeling it really takes a hold.  I have thought of our meeting many times, I think you’re wonderful and my two weeks here were worth it if only because of our session.  I’m so glad we’ve met.”

Worth it From Alberta Canada