How does Energy Therapy Differ From Traditional Therapy?

In many forms of therapy there is a lot of going over the same issues over and over bringing up difficult details. With the SimplyHealed Method we know that your spirit already remembers the details and our focus is to get at the root of the matter. Through certain techniques we are able to focus in on the trapped emotions and release them from the energy field and the body. This will not erase the memory, but it will release the emotional potency associated with the memory

How long is a private session?

A private session is 50 minutes.

What is made of energy?

Everything is made up of energy of different vibrations. Our thoughts are energy. Thoughts of Love, Gratitude, Peace, and Joy are of a very high vibration. Thoughts of Fear, Guilt, Anger, Hate and Shame are of a low vibration. Our bodies like being in the higher vibrational thoughts. The lower vibrations create blocks in the energy systems that cause our physical bodies to become out of balance.

Can Energy work be done Long-Distance?

Yes, energy is not limited by time or distance, the work is just as powerful whether I’m working with someone in person, or talking over the telephone.

Is Energy Therapy Session Like a Psychic Reading?

No it is not like a psychic reading though you will feel more prepared for your next step:)

Can these techniques be used on Animals?

Yes. Animals are very easy to work on because their spirits are very open.

Is there any age limit that these techniques can be used on?

No. The SimplyHealed™ technique is so gentle, and harmless that there is no age limit. It is important to note that each of us are affected by negative vibrations where there is any contention, trauma or emotional upset. Little ones are susceptible from conception.

Do I Have to believe in this for it work for me?

No, you can keep your skepticism and it will still work! Your body’s intuitive wisdom will process
what it knows is for your highest good. These healing techniques will not integrate unless it is in your best interest. Of course, you can consciously block it from being accepted, if you are happy and comfortable living in a lower vibration and deep down not really wanting to change your life’s situations.

What is meant by clearing generational issues?

Just as we are the recipients of physical DNA, we also carry our ancestor’s emotional DNA. Have you ever asked yourself why you reacted a certain way in a situation that seemed strange to you?  Well, you may have inherited an emotional tendency that may be magnified in certain situations. Generational issues are very common and can be attached to issues such as: Depression, addictions, abuse and financial tendencies.

How soon will I notice results?

The energy moves faster than the speed of light so the energy shifts immediately with the integration. Most people feel much “lighter” after a session and that is because they really are. Once the low vibrational emotions are released, they are replaced with the higher vibrational emotions.

With some issues you will notice a change right away because the negative emotions is replaced with a more positive emotion. At other times the energetic changes are in place, and yet it may take some time as you look back to realize the positive impact it has had.

I have personally experienced it both ways on 2 separate issues worked on at the same visit. For example:

  • I had energy work done in connection to my learning style, after looking back on it months later I realize how much more I enjoyed reading and was able to stay awake and focused.
  • With a relationship challenge I was able to feel immediately more calm and peaceful.

Can Energy Therapy Help Me Lose Weight?

Yes! Many people put on weight as a protection. When you clear your fears and/or past traumas that contributed to the weight gain, the need for the extra weight is no longer applicable. Getting rid of negative self-talk is extremely helpful in changing the beliefs located in the subconscious mind. 

Can Clearing my Energy Help my Athletic Performance?

Absolutely! When you are balanced energetically, your mind-body-spirit systems communicate better together helping you put your body in a more optimum performance setting.

How could a session help me?

Everyone’s session fits what they need for their highest good.. Some clients may just be feeling run down, while other clients may have a list of things they want to work on such as: Relationships, Self-Worth, Finances, Learning, Health and Weight loss. Each session is unique and will follow the flow that will be for your highest priority for that session.


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