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I would like to start off by sharing a story. We bought a van for its reputation of high safety ratings, back in the late 1990’s we got it through a broker so we did not know everything about it like we usual would until the day we bought it and then got in the van and drove. It was a smooth ride, and as we drove we kept on discovering more and more buttons, tools and equipment that our new van had on it beside the expected things. I remember how excited and grateful we felt as we drove down the highway that day. Today I had a similar experience in this feeling of gratitude and excitement. 17 months ago I began using doTerra essential oils. I had smelled some essential oils being used in the home of very good friends of ours 14 years ago but never asked much about them. Aug 2010 I was given a few small samples from a friend and began to experiment with using them. Then at Christmas time I came across an opportunity to receive free frankincense oil (a value of $93.00) by placing a Loyalty Rewards order and becoming a distributor with DoTerra. I had a huge curiosity for how frankincense worked and smelled as I knew it was one of the gifts to the Savior. Over the last 12 months I have taken opportunity to learn more and more about essential oils, to experiment with using them, and share them with others. One of my first purchases when signing up was the Physicians Kit. This is made up of 10 oils which have pretty much replaced all the over counter medications used in our home. I also got a Modern Essentials Book which tells about each essential oil in detail. I set the box open with the list of what to use each oil for and how to use it on my counter and began to put the oils to the test. Time after time I was completely amazed with the how simple they were to use and how fantastic they worked. I was also able to search for specific needs on a very helpful website. Next I purchased the Aroma Touch Therapy kit. I have loved learning how to use it and now teach others how to use it also. This kit has 8 essential oils. In combination these 8 essential oils have a wonderful affect when used as demonstrated in a very easy to follow DVD. This helps to reduce stress, build immunity, aid in muscle function as well as detox the body. I now perform the Aroma Touch Therapy on others as well. One neat gift that comes from giving an Aroma Touch Therapy is that the receiver also benefits from placing the oils being absorbed through the pours of the hands as well as through the Aroma. DoTerra products are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (*CPTG) essential oils that can be used 3 different ways: Aromatically, Topically, and Internally because they are *Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. I think of them as better than organic! Even better than the feeling of driving my van that day on the highway discovering all the great things it had to offer my family is my feelings and the potential of doTerra essential oils in my home. They are continually giving me a feeling of gratitude and exhilaration while empowering me to care for myself and my family. I would love to share with you more stories, information and tips to enjoying essential oils.


Essential Oils: InsideOut

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are non-water-based phytochemicals found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots,  flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be very fragrant. Essential oils are very clean and crisp to the touch and are immediately absorbed by the skin within about 30 seconds. In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils provide plants with protection against predators and disease.

doTERRA  (CPTG) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils represent the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today. They are gently and skillfully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy.

You’re going to love how amazingly they work.

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