Colors Within Us

Empowering Families – One Soul at a Time.

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Alignment Coaching


Individual Sessions

Alignment Sessions: $125.00 – Returning Clients: $90.00

This private coaching session will following your unique energy as it know best. Feel lighter, refreshed, energized and clearer about your next step. See yourself, and your life with greater perspective allowing your healing in a very personal way.

Mini Session: $65.00

Free Consultation is available for those who feel it would be helpful.

*Special pricing is available for single parents and full time students.

***NEW Bonus Package – Alignment Session & Divine Trust Group Book Study: $95.00/month


The Empowerment Package: 6 x 30 minute session for $350.00

For those creating an intentional and powerful life. Heal deeply. See Clearly. Grow. Empower your life with consistent improvement.

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Group Sessions: On-line/ By Phone

Divine Trust Book Study & Group Coaching: $35.00/monthly

What is Divine Trust and why do we need it?

Have you ever had the experience of reading a book or an article and feeling like someone could put into words what you knew, and felt in your heart? This is how I felt with the first book that will be learning from.

Divine Trust is not your regular book club, where you may feel rushed to read a book each month, summarize it, and move on. Divine Trust is where we will focus on books that bring our focus on how we will personally do this. We will take a chapter or two per week to discuss, and we will find ways to implement our discoveries. With the advancements of energy techniques, we will also clear and imprint our lessons for greater access in our personal lives.

I invite you to join me and the Divine Trust Book Study, as we begin by exploring one of my favorite books by M. Catherine Thomas called Light in the Wilderness.

Dates to be Announced.

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Email: or  Text Stephanie at 480-202-7873