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Dead End Possibilities

I remember hearing a story of a young man and his Dad out on a carefully planned canoe adventure.  They ran into complications on the water and were unable to exit and get out onto the path to reach their previously arranged transportation. The darkness drew fast and they came to a fork in the woods, not knowing which path to take, they decided to stop for a moment and say a prayer. After the prayer, both father and son felt impressed to go on down the same path, only to find that after a short hike they came to a dead end. Disappointed, the son then inquired of his father as to why they would have both been impressed to go down the wrong path? The Dad pondered his son’s questions then came to the realization that because they had been able to reach the dead end after only a short detour,  the rest of their journey was made in total peace and confidence as they knew for certain which path not to take. We may find ourselves questioning if we are going down the right path or why we feel stuck in repeating negative patterns. We may at times find ourselves like the two high adventurers in discouraging situations that seem to lead to nowhere when, in actuality, we now know which path we won’t take next time. This story is a great reminder that in most situations in life there is an opposite possibility… What kind of adventures will we find as we choose feelings of peace and forgiveness instead of Anger? What would we find if we make the choice to just love someone as they are now instead of judging them? Faith over Fear, Love over Hate, Gratitude over Selfishness, Humility over Pride, Powerful over Helplessness Kindness instead of Cruelty…. We are all human and we do make mistakes. Often these mistakes teach us great truths that bring us great confidence in knowing which path we will take at our next opportunity. Choose to see the possibilities….. And believe in all the good that YOU will do!

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